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Teens and Seniors – Victims of Ageism

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Do you think about what teenagers and seniors have in common? Teens and seniors are victims of ageism.

Maggie Kuhn was an American activist who founded the Gray Panthers after she was forced into mandatory retirement at age 65. She said that adolescents and older adults have much in common

Kuhn’s list illustrates that ageism can affect any age group, not only older adults.

  • Neither group is taken seriously. The old are told, “We don’t do it that way anymore.” The young are told, “You don’t know what you’re talking about.
  • Both groups have limited incomes.
  • They are going through dramatic physical changes. The young are growing hair; the old are losing hair. 
  • Though faced with different drugs and different pushers, both are involved in the drug scene.
  • They experience conflict with the middle generation. 
  • Because of rampant age discrimination, both have difficulty securing employment. 
  • Both are free to be agents of social change. When they work together, the changes can be dramatic.

Maggie Kuhn said:
Old age is an excellent time for outrage. Many of today’s teens might say that the teen years are too.

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